A Background In Speedy Programs In Newspaper

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Oh and they are looking for a party of the other kind too. Did someone say party? Fifty areas in 34 towns and cities across France are competing to see who can reduce electoral abstention the most. Citizen Challenge (in French) was launched in the deprived Strasbourg suburb of Neuhof after 80% of voters there stayed away from the first round of regional elections in December 2015. Image caption Razia Mohamed Zaki (centre) and Delphine Soumalia (sitting beside little Delyha) are also part of Citizen Challenge, along with Sarah Mmamdi (right) A video (in French) which features kids daring adults to get out and vote for their future got more than 200,000 views on YouTube and abstention fell to 70% in the second round, Neuhof community centre director Khoutir Khechab explains. He and his team are negotiating with public bodies and bands to come up with the prize: a concert in the winning area. Strasbourg's grassroots campaign What's on people's minds? Elections come and go but on the estate, a place full of children, people have been sinking under the same issues for years. One issue comes around ten o'clock in the morning as the spotters emerge into the sun to watch over the estate's notorious hashish trade. Another emerges after dark when the reseaux (drug gangs) settle scores, sometimes with a kalash (Kalashnikov). And morning, noon and night, the issues of unemployment and poverty hang over this community living 8km (five miles) from the luxury boutiques and restaurants of Marseille's Vieux Port (city centre).

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