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Neslihan Cevik, author of Muslimism in Turkey and Beyond: Religion in the Modern World and founder of M-Line Fashion in Turkey, says she sees it in the opposite light, as a tool of liberation. As she sets out to release her own burkini line, expected out this summer, she says Muslim fashion is about increased participation of Muslim women in modern life including in beaches and public pools. The water wars in Sweden The water wars have struck much of Europe. Elisabeth Braw, a correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor, was dispatched to the Hyllie sports center, a municipal swimming pool in the southern Swedish city of Malmo, that became part of a raging debate in Scandinavia over the issue of gender-segregated splash time . Forget that many women simply prefer single-sex pools or gyms (this correspondent included, who desperately misses her women-only gym in Boston). Feministiskt Initiativ, Sweden's feminist party, made this very point. It's not just Muslim women who want women-only swimming hours; it's women from many different backgrounds, Toktam Jahangiry, Feministiskt Initiativ's sexual policy spokeswoman, told Ms. Braw. And when it comes to Muslim women specifically, as the supporters of the burkini in France argue, advocates of women-only swim time argue that without the separation Muslim women would simply never get a chance to swim. Many in Sweden have seen this as a step too far, and above all a threat to womens equality.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Europe/2017/0110/What-the-ruling-on-swim-classes-in-Switzerland-means-for-Muslims-in-Europe?cmpid=TW

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