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This is not the cliched Sicily of so many American films that romanticise the mafia even as they portray its dark heart. Instead, in black and white, Mollica creates a Sicily of the imagination, both recognisably real and slightly otherworldly: a state of mind and an atmosphere as much as an actual place. His landscape photographs evoke a land of shadows and harsh sunlight, its terrain blighted by half-finished concrete buildings that, in some wide shots, appear at first glance to be ruins. The hills are pockmarked by empty, often ugly, holiday apartments, the mountains bisected by snaking freeways that curve past creeping suburbs of breeze block and steel. In Palermo, the thriving heart of the island, he captures a woman praying to a statue of Padre Pio; a man leaning conspiratorially into the open window of a flash car. In both images, you can almost hear the whispers. There are several images of lone individuals peering curiously out of the frame: silent watchers alert to any slight rupture in the unruly rhythm of the city streets. Throughout, the violence of the society is suggested rather than ที่พัก ขอนแก่น เปิดใหม่ spelt out. In one arresting picture, a market trader chats with a customer over a stall bearing a huge tuna fish, its eye pierced by a wooden stake on which a price tag is affixed. Elsewhere, Mollicas furtive street photographs veer from the intense lovers caught in a public embrace; a newly married couple startling a flock of birds to the ominous an old man in a suit, his face gaunt, staring suspiciously at Mollicas lens.

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