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REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo/File Photo 3/4 left right Emma Morano, thought to be the world's oldest person and the last to be born in the 1800s, is seen during her 117th birthday in Verbania, northern Italy November 29, 2016. REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo 4/4 By Philip Pullella | ROME ROME Emma Morano, who at 117 was believed to be the world's oldest person and the last surviving child of the 19th century, died on Saturday, swearing to the end on her diet of two raw eggs a day. "She reached an incredible finish line," said Silvia Marchionini, mayor of the town of Verbania in northern Italy where Morano lived on the shores of Lake Maggiore. Morano, who lived 117 years and 137 days, was born on Nov. 29, 1899, four years before the Wright brothers first took to the air. Her life spanned three centuries, two World Wars and more than 90 Italian governments. "My life wasn't so nice," she told Reuters last November on her 117th birthday. "I worked in a factory until I was 65, then that was that," she said as she sat in an armchair by her window, a white shawl over her shoulders. In an interview with La Stampa newspaper five years ago she said her fiance had died in World War One and that she had then been forced to marry a man she did not love. "'Either you agree to marry me or I will kill you'," Morano said, recalling his proposal.

"I just left. I stopped uploading to YouTube." Some of her eight million loyal subscribers noticed her absence and left worried comments on her page. "People literally thought I was dead," Phan added. She went on to say, "I peaced out because I think I was going through depression. I dont know because I didnt go to a hospital or anything or get diagnosed, but I was taking a few quizzes online and I felt really sad everyday... I was waking up feeling so broken. I didnt know why." Though Phan does not explicitly explain the cause of her depression, her step back followed the news that her highly anticipated makeup line, Em Cosmetics, had not performed as expected. View photos Photo credit: Getty More So, to get back on track, Phan spent the last year traveling, rediscovering herself, and reevaluating the direction for her business. Now she's ready to take another stab at Em. "Im actually happy that Em didnt do well, because Im happy that I own it," she said.

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