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Muslim Women Have Been Leaders In Conservative Fashion Since Way Before It Was

Cardigan: Verona. Ashley Batz/Bustle. Scarf: Vela. Jumpsuit: Verona. “The industry changed. Fashion in my time was intimidating and hard to get into. Now with social media and the idea of blogging and expressing yourself for the world to see, it's much more feasible,” Atik says. There isn’t really much difference in what Muslim women seek in their clothes from non-Muslim women —if anything, the desire usually is just for something a little longer and looser. Every hijabi knows the feeling of finding the perfect maxi skirt, and then seeing that it has a slit in it. Or, like this past summer, when every nice shirt just happened to be an off-the-shoulder. Atik is one of the many small business owners who have been catering to the growing modest fashion industry since before mainstream brands did so.

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