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In an extraordinary act of generosity, the customer visited the stores in Crouch End on Monday, buying everything from clothes and shoes to handbags and accessories. She spent a total of 1,116 at a Shelter store, grabbing mountains of items, and shelled out more than 500 at a Children's Air Ambulance store. As surprised workers workers sought to find out her identity, she claimed to one that she was a Brazilian businesswoman and told another that she owned a honey farm in Guyana. Sharon De-Freitas, manager of the Air Ambulance shop, told the Standard: Before she came in I thought business had been very slow, I was worried we weren't going to meet our targets. She came in with two huge suitcases. She started piling items at the counter. View photos Shelter in Crouch End was one of two shops that the woman spent thousands of pounds in (Google) More It kept mounting up, she went to all the different departments, cleared me out of all my mens clothes and bought most of our ladies stock. She was in the store for at least half an hour. Ms De-Freitas, who has worked at the shop for four years, said the woman was buying the items for workers at her honey farm in Guyana. She added: As it kept going I started to have a little chat with her why she was buying so many items.

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The very items you use to clean your hands and dishes are among the filthiest objects you encounter, according to numerous ick-inducing studies [ PDF ]. Kitchen sponges are the worst , with as many as 10 million bacteria per square inchabout 200,000 times more than your friendly neighborhood toilet seat. Dishcloths are also filthy: Researchers in one study, which analyzed 82 dishcloths from five major cities in the U.S. and Canada [ PDF ], found E. colion 25.6 percent of towels and Salmonella on almost 14 percent of the dishcloths. Another study [ PDF ], published a year later, had similar findings. "Towels were the most contaminated of all the contact surfaces we tested," lead study author Dr. Jeannie Sneed, a Kansas State University food safety specialist, told Prevention . 2. SINKS, FAUCETS, AND HANDLES Getty Images From the basins to the handles, the places you go to get water could do with a thorough scrubbing. The kitchen is worse than the bathroom, amazingly, but both can be covered with all kinds of yecchy bacteria.

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In Caracas, police used tear gas to prevent demonstrators reaching the offices of the national ombudsman. Saturday's protest came after a week of anti-government demonstrations. They were initially sparked by a Supreme Court ruling to curb the powers of the national assembly, a move which was later overturned. Image copyright Reuters Image caption "No more repression" reads the sign at the opposition rally in Caracas Security police fired tear gas on one major avenue in Caracas while in the city of San Cristobal they shot rubber bullets towards protestors. Many people carried signs reading "No to dictatorship!" and "Capriles for President". In the Caracas protest there was a moment of silence in memory of a young man shot dead on Thursday by police during demonstrations. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Main avenues in Caracas were filled with protesters Image copyright Reuters Image caption In Caracas, riot police threw tear gas to try to prevent them reaching the offices of the national ombudsman Mr Capriles has been at the forefront of demands for a recall referendum on President Nicolas Maduro. A former presidential candidate who has run twice, he is seen as the oppositions's best hope of defeating Mr Maduro in elections scheduled for next year. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Mr Capriles has said he will continue in his post as governor of Miranda state and will appeal against the ban. The ruling by the Venezuelan comptroller said the ban on Mr Capriles was due to "administrative irregularities" in his role as governor.