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Burberry Teams Up with Top Fashion Blogger for Exclusive WeChat Launch

(Courtesy photo) First Strathberry , then Givenchy , and now Burberry—luxury brands are learning that it pays to work with China’s authority on high-end handbags when introducing their collections to Chinese consumers. On May 3, Burberry partnered with Mr. Bags for an exclusive online WeChat shop launch of its leather DK88 handbag, which was also released in the United States just one day after the Met Gala . The featured color for the launch, chosen by Mr. Bags, is called Bright Toffee and is currently only available for purchase in China on Burberry’s official WeChat shop, running for 18,500 RMB (about US$2,683). The DK88 bags are also available on the WeChat store in four additional colors, Blossom Pink, Slate Blue, Dark Chocolate, and Black, some of which are not currently listed on the U.S. website (though Burberry CEO Christopher Bailey has said customizations would be available ). While official sales figures so กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง ผู้หญิง ราคาถูก โรง เกลือ far have not yet been released, at press time the special-edition colors were sold out. If previous performances are anything to go by, Burberry likely has made a significant dent in the wallets of Mr. Bags’ loyal followers. As part of the campaign, Burberry also created a WeChat game that invites users to use the shake feature on their phones to ‘paint’ the DK88 bags.

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